Enterprise Infrastructure Services

When your critical enterprise applications are down, you lose the productivity of your entire company. Time is money. Considering the complex nature of today's enterprise servers and networks, it can be quite a challenge to achieve the high levels of service users require and expect. IT teams are under a considerable amount of pressure to ensure that required service levels are delivered to users. Now more than ever, IT operations of all sizes are utilizing outsourced options and more and more customers are trusting many or all of the elements of their IT infrastructure to external entities. We understand that your expectations are high, and they should be. MDX Technologies Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions can help you get there. Some of our service offerings include:

Directory Services

  1. Active Directory
  2. eDirectory


  1. Hyper-V
  3. Citrix/ Xenserver

Identity Management

  1. Single Sign-on Products

MDX Technologies recognizes that communication is the key to personal and business success. Effective and dependable communication through email and other sources is a vital factor in both employee and customer relations. MDX's Messaging services can meet your organizational needs by providing cost effective solutions that also align with security requirements.

  1. Email Systems: Exchange, Notes, Groupewise, Open Source
  2. Unified Messaging: OCS/LCS, CUP
  3. Sharepoint

Our network monitoring service is designed to provide alert notifications of potential challenges in your infrastructure as well as capacity and utilization statistics. The system offers asset management data, remote windows patching and application scripting. The Network Monitoring Security scan identifies vulnerabilities and offers the ability to fix them from a central console. The system is quickly and easily installed at your office. There's no need to touch your PCs or servers.

  1. System Center
  2. Level Platforms
  3. Virtual Center
  4. Third Party Monitoring Applications: Orion, OpenView, Zenoss, etc.

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