Our Vision

Vision is organizing and operating in such a way that we continuously live out our values.

We strive to be The Preferred Employer

MDX Technologies is a place where people grow and thrive. Our culture is simultaneously fun and challenging. We enable and celebrate personal achievement. Our people are equipped for success with knowledge, information and tools. Our company believes in Servant Leadership.

We strive to be The Preferred Business Partner

Our customers and alliances trust us and we never take that for granted. We deliver transformational services through the technical leadership, innovation, and knowledge capital of our people. We have a stake in every relationship. We share the risk and invest resources to create the reward. Our customers can depend on us to be good stewards of their investment. They know we practice integrity in all of our business dealings.

Our Values

Values are those internal emotions and core beliefs that set the tone for how we will act and what motivates us to take action. Our values help us determine what matters.

People Matter

At MDX Technologies, our people are our most valuable asset. We passionately pursue trust relationships with our people and we reward hard work and encourage and enable our people to achieve their goals through Servant Leadership. We celebrate individuality. Each individual contributes differently to build a diverse work environment filled with an abundance of skills, talents, knowledge, and creativity. We encourage lifestyle balance because we all work to live.

Customers Matter

We love our customers. We want insanely happy customers. Happy customers are satisfied for the moment whereas, insanely happy customers build lifelong relationships. We over-deliver on our promises. An abundantly satisfied customer is our greatest marketing tool. Abundant satisfaction is a result of trust. Trust is at the heart of every successful customer relationship.

Principles Matter

We stand on principle and integrity in everything we do. There is no substitute for integrity. It takes years to build and only a moment to destroy. Do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.

Community Matters

One of our proudest traditions has been our community service. Our employees make a difference through the donation of their time, talents, and resources. We have an obligation to reach out to our communities at large and actively help where help is needed. We can, we do, and we will make a difference.

Our Direction

Direction, these are the short-term, specific and measurable actions, or initiatives, that we take to support our business.

  • Proactive Employee Communication
  • Improving Employee-Focused Programs
  • Servant Leadership Development
  • Spreading MDX Technologies Culture
  • Developing Empowering Processes

We encourage you to actively pursue your personal, financial and career goals. Choose a direction, focus on your goals, and let us help you attain them.

MDX Technologies has the expertise to assist your firm during the implementation of a successful function-rich solution, on time and on budget. We have a proven track record in project development and ongoing maintenance.