Placement Process

Our principal business focus is the provision of comprehensive IT&C Technical, Application, and Management professional staffing services. MDX Technologies helps to optimize the business value of IT by adapting its own ability to match talented professionals with organizations in need of services or technical expertise. We provide our clients with highly skilled technical and administrative professionals, from senior consultants to supporting contract employees. MDX Technologies has provided staffing services to Canadian and US organizations, in both the private and public sectors for over 10 years. From project management, support, training and deployment to strategic staffing and management consulting, our services can be scaled to meet the precise needs of our clients. MDX Technologies has successfully handled assignments in Canada and abroad, supplying skilled and experienced personnel in roles such as Business Analyst, QA/UET Experts, Project Manager, Programmers, Analysts and Developers. We understand the unique needs of our clients and we have integrated years of commercial best practices into our Market verticals. MDX Technologies is well prepared to provide qualified resources within a wide range of roles and computing environments to our clients in in Ontario and beyond. MDX Technologies has achieved success in providing quality resources by implementing repeatable, proven processes and methodologies in recruitment and account management. Our growth and success has not just happened by chance. For the last 10 years, we have provided our clients with the best IT professionals in the industry. Our entire organization’s focus is to provide nothing less than top quality services. MDX Technologies Successful Placement Process (SPP) which provides our approach, methodology and supporting documentation for:

  1. obtaining client staffing requirements (including transition requirements);
  2. identifying and screening potential candidates;
  3. Quality assurance processes to ensure the best candidates are selected;
  4. Presentation of the proposed candidates to the client;
  5. Building relationships with the resource and the client;
  6. Informal and formal evaluation processes to ensure quality of deliverables and client satisfaction;
  7. Tracking and recording candidates references, qualifications, career goals, and training requirements;
  8. Submitting HR information for employee benefits and pay; and Establishing a cycle of continuous employment and skill development for resources..

Through these comprehensive processes, MDX Technologies provides stability to our clients’ IT&C environments, so that they can focus their efforts and attention on their core competencies. MDX Technologies will use abovementioned process to manage and provide resources to address and meet the needs of your requirements. Some of our clients includes:

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